Sources of Occupy Narratives

In searching for a narrative of Occupy, the narratives of occupiers and those that identify as the 99% emerge. Sites that capture, curate, present these narratives vary by platform, medium, and agenda.

The following is a working list of sources for these narratives. Feel free to add to this list.

We are the 99 Percent
A tumlbr blog, individual narratives can be shared and contain data on how many times they have been shared on the tumblr platform. Stories focus on a photo with a handwritten message. These messages are transcribed below the image.

  • Many (~1000) of the entries have no text content — i.e. some transcriptions are missing.
  • Tumblr has a useful API which makes it easy to download posts; this script is what we used. The API requires a key (which is free, but you need to register) — you can use the key in our working notes, but it may be deactivated (Tumblr is not keen on keys being posted publicly).

Occupy Our Stories
A curated site of crowd-sourced audio interviews. These audio interviews are submitted on Youtube and sent to the editor of Occupy Our Stories for inclusion on the site. We weren’t able to tackle transcribing these into text, but this would be crucial for further analysis.

Media Cloud
Weekly word frequencies from news articles and prominent blog posts, categorised by topic (there are 3 Occupy-related topics). Data can be exported directly in CSV, however the interface only allows exporting a week’s worth of data at a time. We wrote another script to mass-download relevant data, but it still needs work — some bugs are ours (like the repetition of CSV headers), and some seem to be limitations with Media Cloud itself (like the 500-word limit for each week).

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