State and Space – Day 1

Building on previous work, and to strengthen the initiatives of other activist groups, the State and Space group plans to further examine the frequency and nature of incidents related to interactions between the NYPD and the Occupy movement, including the use of tactics intended to harm peaceful protesters, identity-based discrimination, other abuses of power and benevolence.   Also, we aim to gain insight into types of incidents by officer rank.

Research Questions:  Can we identify incidents of police misconduct corresponding with the 1 year anniversary of occupy and the actors (rank, id)?  Can we identify multimedia evidence to corroborate information contained in tweets about police misconduct or benevolence?  Were journalists being targeted for arrest at S17?

Methods: Using a collection of over 30,000 Tweets extracted between S15-S17 with Occupy or NYPD related tags, and those from a previous hackathon, we will identify tweets that cite incidents and manually annotate they to develop more structured data that included including: actor, type, rank and visual evidence when it is able to be retrieved.

Outcomes: We will continue to update our incident database for future work, and plan to report any interesting findings, and any associated visual evidence to groups such as the ACLU, the Protest and Assembly Rights Project and the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project.

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