Public Education – Day 1

Part one : Public education linked with Stop and Frisk

A mapping project by WNYC shows that there is little correlation between the frequency of stop and frisk and the number of guns found as a result of stop and frisk. So why is stop and frisk more likely in certain areas?

One portion of the stop and frisk / guns map

We want to use data found in government sites such as the National Center for Education Statistics and the Civil Rights Data Collection to see if we can find possible correlations for a given area (police precinct?) between expulsion/suspension rates, student:teacher ratios, % of free school meal students and the stop and frisk rates.

This could be linked to wider issues in education such as the ‘zero tolerance’ policy and the ‘school to prison pipeline’.

Part two : Strategic closures

Are weaker and ‘problem’ students being sheparded into schools which have been already targeted for closure?


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