Narrative – Day 1

Over the afternoon, we had a series of conversations about narratives of Occupy, and what research questions we could apply to the available data. A particular area of discussion was the difference (and interaction) between grassroots and mainstream media content; we considered an analysis of artistic responses to Occupy, and an investigation of “co-option” and exposition in artistic works relating to the movement.

One thing discussed was the “We are the 99%” Tumblr, a collection of stories of individual struggles that was very popular during and immediately before the Zuccotti Park occupation.

We found a prior analysis (from October 2011) of demographic data extracted from the Tumblr. The following research questions were posed:

  • What primary themes emerge from the data?
  • How do these themes shift over time, and in response to world/OWS events?
  • How does the demographic of Tumblr contributors compare to the national population, or the demographic of Occupy (from the general participation survey)
  • OWS Resistance to narratives … media narrative


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