#occupydata hackathon NYC

Unprecedented amounts of media and data were generated during the Occupy Wall Street protests last fall and continue to emerge through the ongoing movement. Join us for a 2-day collaborative Hackathon to explore, visualize and learn from such this living data archive.

During the 2-day event, we will be connecting and collaborating with other such Hackathons taking place in Cambridge, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Washington D.C.

This event is not only for designers and hackers, but for anyone interested in the Occupy movement with experience in media production, journalism and research. Bring your ideas, skills, creativity, questions and critical perspectives as we look for ways to transform media and data collected from Occupy Wall Street into visualizations and data driven interventions!

Some of the data sets we will have access to include survey research data, twitter activity, user contributed audio/video footage online, as well as data on privately owned public spaces in New York City. Final outcomes will be showcased in the gallery as well as online in various forums.

The event is being jointly organized with OccupyResearch, DataCenter, R-Shief Labs, and the MIT Center for Civic Media.

For more information visit: http://bit.ly/occupyhackathon

To sign-up please register for the event here: http://goo.gl/7nm58

12pm – 6pm on March 23 and 24th, 2012

Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery
Sheila C Johnson Design Center
66 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

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