#OccupyData Hackathon returns to NYC, 28-29 September

Join a collective of developers, designers, researchers, artists, occupiers, and hackers to discover new ways of relating to the Occupy movement through analysis and visualization.

Following the success of nationally-coordinated OccupyData Hackathons in November and March, a group of New-York-based Occupy Data hackers will be creating a space for for more days of planning, discussion and implementation. The data sets from previous OccupyData and OccupyResearch events will be available, as well as some new results from an original (as-yet-unpublished) Occupy Wall Street survey.

Occupy Data is a subgroup of Occupy Research, with the aim of analyzing and visualizing datasets related to the Occupy movement. At previous hackathons, teams of people worked on separate projects, with the goal of using free and open source tools to creatively present data pertinent to the Occupy movement and the issues it has raised. Read more about previous projects, get inspired about what you might like to work on here.

“Open source: an apology”. Although the organizing group is deeply committed to free and open-source software, we will be making use of corporate-owned services such as WordPress, Google Docs and Dropbox.  If you would prefer not to use any of these services for political or security reasons, please get in touch with info@occupydatanyc.org

Visualization by Laura Scherling


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  2. Re: OS Apology:
    I’m not a FLOS extremist but occupy.net is a movement resource providing self-hosted FLOS tools for organizing that offers plenty of functionality.
    notes.occupy.net (etherpad)
    forum.occupy.net (forum)

    There’s no clear dropbox clone, but github may serve?

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  4. pea

    There is a dropbox clone called OwnCloud. An instance is running at files.occupy.net.

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