Data Anywhere: 2-day Workshop

Workshop Materials / Git Repo

Location: CUNY Graduate Center
Time: Sat 10-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm
Room: 5409

**Please be sure you have registered below. The building is open, but we will be in an area that requires you check in with security, and show a valid form of ID**

Data Anywhere Workshop: participants will learn how to configure and secure a UNIX server for hosting open (or private) data sets. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for installing a variety of software packages and participants will become familiar with web applications such as nginx, mongodb, and flask. Also, we’ll be covering a bit of Python.

Workshop is open to participants of any level, including zero! Most important is the desire to learn.


  1. traveling then, dang..

  2. Ben

    Will we be setting up our personal computers as servers or setting up a server that we connect to?

  3. Ben

    Will we using our personal computers as the Server?

  4. gloria

    It will happen again, I am certain

  5. gloria

    if you have your own virtual/real machine, you will most definitely learn more by following instruction and setting it up there. It’s recommended but not required.

  6. Installation for Vagrent VM

    Install VirtualBox – (x86/amd64)
    Install Vagrant –
    Using Terminal (Mac) or Git Bash (Windows):
    cd into your projects folder (or mkdir if you don’t have one) and then type:
    vagrant box add lucid32
    vagrant init lucid32
    At this point you should see a VagrantFile inside your projects folder
    Open VagrantFile in Sublime Text (or other editor)
    Edit line 32 from:
    # config.vm.forward_port 80, 8080
    config.vm.forward_port 8000, 8000
    Make sure there are two spaces in front of the word config
    Loading the VM
    Back in Terminal/Git Bash while in the folder containing VagrantFile type: vagrant up
    Mac SSH (~1 min)
    Type: vagrant ssh

    Windows SSH (~12 min no guarnetees)
    Download and open putty.exe if you haven’t
    Download and open puttygen.exe
    Inside puttygen.exe:
    Load the file insecure_private_key located in %HOMEPATH%\.vagrant.d\insecure_private_key
    %HOMEPATH% is usually your or your computer’s name
    You may have to toggle “View All Files” in the lower right corner of the file selection screen to see the file
    Click “Save private key” and save it as vagrant.ppk somewhere
    Inside putty.exe:
    Type localhost for Host Name and 2222 for Port
    Click “Auth” in Connection > SSH > Auth in the left-hand sidebar
    Click “Browse…” and find the aforementioned vagrant.ppk
    Click “Open”
    Type vagrant

  7. ct

    I can’t make it, but I could probably figure it out on my own with documentation. Any chance you guys cab post a syllabus or instructional doc for we non-nyc residents?

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