Occupy Sandy Open Data

Deidentified Occupy Sandy canvassing data for four hubs: Rockaways, SI, Red Hook and NJ


This data was the focus of the Occupy Sandy inspired Open Data Day event, where a couple dozen data wranglers, activists, academics and other researchers came together on very special Saturday to digitize data, articulate needs, share data sources, and prepare data sets for the March OccupyData Hackathon. More about the day can be found here.

All data are made available under the Open Database License and made available at the Occupy Sandy Canvas Data repository on github.  Please be sure to review our data description, suggestions for responsible use, and the read.me before undertaking any analysis.  Also, if you spot any issues with the files, derive and interesting findings, or visualizations that you’d like to share, please contact us!  We’d love to have you share your process and findings on the blog.

postscript: BIG thanks to everyone that helped make Open Data Day possible, and brought togther and incredible set of volunteers and resources including: Occupy Sandy Tech, OWS Tech Ops, JustPublics@365, OpenCUNY and CUNY Women in STEM.

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