Hacking the Hackathon. What ideas should we hack at the April 28th Yackathon?

Hackathon Yackathon

Hackathons are everywhere. They are often hosted by companies, governments, and community groups to attract talented programmers to work on a software project for slices of pizza. They are exciting, production-oriented environments to solve problems.

This symposium or rather, yackathon, is an opportunity to bring together the ideas, the outcomes, and the problems of hackathons into critical perspective. What is the politics and the potential of the now ubiquitous hackathon? Can it effectively support political action and civic engagement? What other methods of self-organized research and development can we learn from?

In other words, this will be a hackathon on hackathons.  Similar to regular hackathons, participation and topics for discussion are open. Organizers and participants of any hackathon are invited to join for our afternoon discussion.


12:00 – 2:00 PM

To start, we will have casual, informal sharing of methods and outcomes from previous hackathons we’ve each either organized or participated in. Feel free to come and let us know about the best (or worst) hackathon you’ve been to, what came out of it… Some things to think about:

  • Why you are involved in hackathons?
  • What have been some outcomes? Personal, group vs. issue-oriented
  • Was everyone satisfied with the outcome? What you take away from the experience?
  • Challenges of hackthons and sustaining communities of interest
  • Hacking as play, learning vs. civic engagement?

2:00 – Welcome

Introductions from organizers, describing the agenda, starting the Google Hangout space, etc

2:15 – Panel Discussion – Hackathons Methodologies, Tools + Practices

3:00 – Coffee Break

3:15 – Panel Discussion – Hacking as Civic Engagement

4:00 – Hack a Better Hackathon. Discuss, Show & Tell

Are there themes, issues, questions, hackathon outcomes that you or your collective would like to share and discuss? Please post your topic ideas below and rate, comment the posted topics that interest you most. Feel free to post multiple topics.

When & Where?

Sunday, April 28th between 12pm and 5 @ The New School- Lang Center, Wollman Hall, (65 W 11th St).


Feel free to let us know you’re coming by confirming on our Meetup group.


Submitted Topics

  • Yackathon yickety yack hack hackathon nonsense and other stuff by Edward Lear. Comment (0)
  • Yackathon about yackathons and other strategies on hacking Comment (0)
  • Reasons why activists and civic hackers should avoid the Facebook tease at all costs. Comment (1)
  • Civic hacking as a research methodology. Comment (0)
  • How can hackathon spaces/tech spaces in general be more mindful of intersectionality and difference? Comment (0)
  • reconciling the interest of platform developers and scial activists Comment (0)
  • Disaster capitalism: how to measure the scope and impact on local communities, and vulnerable populations. Comment (0)
  • Specifications, standards, and functions for a People's data commons. Comment (0)
  • What are some ideas or best practices for running a successful hackathon? Comment (0)
  • Is civic hacking activism? Comment (0)
  • What are the political, methodological, and outcome differences between corporate, civic, and activist hackathons? Comment (0)
  • Recap outcomes from previous hackathons. Comment (3)
  • Update the introduction for occupydata posted in the discussion list. Comment (0)

Add a Topic

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