Themes and Quotes drawn from responses to “What are you trying to achieve with your participation in the Occupy Movement?”

Initial sketch of the themes that emerge from “Q42. What are you trying to achieve with your participation in the Occupy Movement?”

Our first attempt to develop categories of framing themes follows below. The themes are listed in bold and representative quotes follow below. This is data analysis the old fashioned way– what makes a lasting impression after reading through hundreds or thousands of responses to this question?

restore dignity, change, a better future, a better world, hope

Build a movement to restore dignity to the human experience and empower working people to create the world we want.

justice, fairness, solidarity,  

Engaged communities openly discussing problems and solutions, working together constructively, focussed locally but connecting nationally/globally too. A more equal world. A society that works for everyone

the american way

To bring America back to the republic our founding fathers intended

A better grasp on what true freedom is to the American People, to bring real meaning to the phrase “”Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Government of the people, for the people and by the people with liberty and justice for all

revolution, the end of capitalism

Building broad vision for radical societal transformation. Long term: ending imprisonment, policing, capitalism, state borders, racism, etc. Short term: Setting the stage for broader, stronger movement to redistribute wealth.

The outpouring of the becoming community of the proletarian multitude – anarchist revolution

The entire system is corrupt and destroying the ecosystem. we need a revolution

values: change of consciousness, compassion, sustainability, awareness, education,

Bring about a shift in humanity’s consciousness from egocentric to universal.

Evolution of consciousness to realize we all share this fragile globe — respect.

Educating the general public, informing them that they can have an effect on the world around them and to stop complacency

accountibility, corruption, inequality, money out of politics,

Overturning 30 years of trickle up economics.

Inform people about the corruption and help to get the money out of government.

Impress upon those watching the importance of accountability for those who’ve broken the law and equal opportunity for hard working, unselfish individuals

democracy versus corporatocracy, improving democracy

I would like to see some major changes in this country.  Make it a democracy again, rather than oligarchy.

I want to help make “”democracy”” REALLY mean what it is supposed to stand for, and not merely a futile exercise in choosing between brands of sock-puppets that have been bought and paid for by the rich for the benefit of the rich.

To replace the existing illegitimate corporatocracy with a direct participatory democracy based on social and economic equality.

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