Occupy Sandy Data: Day One

Photo by Benjamin Heim Shepard

On day one, this group discussed the issues presented by noise in the data set and inconsistencies among the information collected across sites that pose the greatest challenges.   Also, almost 100 assessment forms were entered!!!

The following new directions for tomorrow include:

  1. open data – additional cleaning to ensure anonymity and applying for an oppen data license
  2. continued data entry – there are about 100 forms left.
  3. site level analysis – data ready to go, needing minimal cleaning
  4. multisite analysis – aggregated, but more cleaning for notes fields
  5. financials – analyze donations and receipts
  6. network analysis of Occupy Sandy network sites
  7. extend location radius to allow for more precise geolocation that the neighborhood level, but still preserving anonymity

Additional Files

Data Resources: the assessment files appear deidentified in the OccupyData Dropbox.  If there’s another file you’d like access to here, e.g.Hot Foods Requests, let us know.

Data Sets, Org Reports and Research Questions

Occupy Assessments

Data Entry


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