Occupy 1.5

This post extends the “Connecting Occupy” project developed at the second hackathon. Using the Occupy Wall Street Project List, we explore partnerships between New York City General Assembly working groups, other Occupy groups, and community organizations. Each group/organization is represented as a node in a network connected by projects as edges. These networks were drawn in Gephi, a free open-source tool, and exported using the Seadragon plugin for zoomable browsing.

Together, these networks examine the shift to what some have called Occupy 2.0, a transition from physical occupation to Occupy groups (yellow and red) partnering with local communities and community organizations (show in blue, purple, green, and pink). Notably, these three snapshots also occur before, during, and after May Day 2012 and show cycles of growth, development, division, and perhaps even replication within the movement.

February 2012

April/May 2012

June/July 2012

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